e s s e n t i a l oils [Get Started]

Ok, if you've spent more than 5 minutes with me, you know I'm ob-sessed with these little bottle of goodness! And I think you would be, too!

The very best way to order Young Living Essential Oils is with a wholesale membership. There are some awesome benefits to being a member and absolutely no obligations to buy or sell. If you are ready to get some oily goodness in your hands, check out these instructions on how to order. Or please shoot me an email with any questions you might have. tarajill.clapper@gmail.com

STEP 1: To get the the wholesale membership and Premium Starter Kit, that I suggest, you will need to select “Wholesale Member.” This should be the default. To maintain your wholesale membership all you have to do is place a one order of 50PV ($50 before tax and shipping) per year.

In the blank for sponsor ID and Enroller ID, you put my number 1517332, it should already be filled in for you.

Fill out your personal information, set up a username, password and pin.

STEP 2: Next, choose your starter kit. The one I have been talking about is called the Premium Starter Kit.

STEP 3: The next section is for setting up with Essential Rewards, which you will want to do in the future once you really start using and loving the oils, but for now, just select the 'No, thank you' and move on. The next page will allow you to add anything else you would like. There are a few things I would be happy to suggest, if you're interested.

STEP 4: The last section is for payment and then you are all set up. Congratulations, you're an oiler!!

To order your kit, CLICK HERE.

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