100 before 100.

    1.       Set foot on each of the seven continents.
2.       Meet, marry and change the world with the man of my dreams.
3.       Give an orphan…or three their forever home.
4.       Mission trip to Africa.
5.       Make an entire meal from scratch.
6.       Hail a cab.
7.       Build or remodel the dream house.
8.       Surf.
9.       Have a veggie garden.
10.    Climb an active volcano.
11.     Skydive.
12.     Read the Bible, cover to cover.
13.     Follow a meal from field to table.
14.     Change a life for the better.  
15.     Teach English in a foreign country.
16.     See the Northern Lights.
17.     Attend a concert at Madison Square Garden.
18.     Shake hands with a President.
19.     Worship at Hillsong.
20.     Attend a major sporting event: the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the U.S. Open.
21.     Stay the night in the Penthouse Suite at a fabulous hotel.
22.     Throw a huge party and invite everyone I know.
23.     Swim with a dolphin.
24.     Sleep in a tree house.
25.     Visit all 50 states.
26.     Learn to speak a foreign language.
27.     Spend a whole day eating junk food without feeling guilty.
28.     Own a room with a view.
29.     Knit…something.
30.     See the Eifel Tower at night.
31.     See the Golden Gate Bridge.
32.     Learn how to take a compliment.
33.     Be a member of the audience in a TV show.
34.     Send a message in a bottle.
35.     Ride a camel in the desert.
36.     Have a food fight.
37.     Plant a tree.
38.     Run…a distance…shorter than a marathon.
39.     Write a fan letter.
40.     Go noodling.
41.     Go on Ellen.
42.     Learn to ballroom dance properly.
43.     See a Broadway show.
44.     Be the boss.
45.     Fall, recklessly, in love.
46.     Start an annual event.
47.     Sit on a jury.
48.     Ride a gondola in Venice.
49.     Write a book.
50.     Be someone's mentor.
51.     Stand in a waterfall.
52.     Live in another country for a year.
53.     Own LaChaise.
54.     Learn to play a musical instrument.
55.     Write down a personal mission statement, follow it, and revise it from time to time.
56.     See a lunar eclipse.
57.     Hitchhike.  
58.     Experience weightlessness.
59.     Drive across America, coast to coast.
60.     Crowd surf.
61.     Start a business in Africa.
62.     Sleep under the stars.
63.     Ride the highest roller coaster in the country.
64.     Go to Oktoberfest.
65.     Give more than I can afford.
66.     Fill up a passport book before it expires.
67.     See the Grand Canyon at sunrise or sunset.
68.     Bungee jump off a bridge.
69.     See the Mona Lisa.
70.     See the Pyramids.
71.     Drink frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.
72.     Accept me for me.
73.     Go on a safari.
74.     Pet a lion or tiger.
75.     Learn to use a microphone and give a speech in public.
76.     Scuba dive off Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
77.     Go up in a hot-air balloon.
78.     Visit the Holy Land.
79.      Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
80.      Create my Family Tree.
81.      Drive faster than 100 mph.
82.      Overcome the fear of failure.
83.      Become an early-riser.
84.      Complete a one-week liquid fast.
85.      Learn to take criticism gracefully.
86.      Be in a flashmob.
87.      Spend Christmas in New York.
88.      Milk a cow.
89.      Stand on the Great Wall.
90.      Invest in the stock market.
91.      Spend an entire day without speaking.
92.      Be the inspiration for a song.
93.      Ride in a helicopter.
94.      Break a bone (my own). A small one.
95.      Be the best at something.
96.      Go inside The White House.
97.      Kiss the Blarney Stone.
98.      Go on vacation alone.
99.      Fly first class.
100.  Write a bucket list.


Chantel Klassen said...

Minus the one about Ellen I think I could just copy and paste this and use it as my own bucket list. :)

tara said...

I love having it written out, makes me much for intentional about it. What would you put in place of Ellen?

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