Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking Stock

Hi! Happy Friday!

I thought maybe since it took me the last couple of months to bring this tired little blog up to speed (mostly), I could maybe be a bit more consistent with some updates. So let's take some quick stock...

This month Angel, our working girl, and Caroline the chicken are out and Bobby the puppy is in. The wayward child from early last month is home. Our determined student is doing well at his new school. And it turns out, the dream house has a nightmare landlord, so more on that soon.

Peeps: Tara, Moses, Terry, Chazzo, Innocent.
Dogs: Franklin, Prince, Wizzy, Bobby
Chickens: Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, Ruby, Noodle, White Betty (aka Betty White)

having: the best time working on new No.41 goodies with a sweet pal.
feeling: really settled these days. Maybe now more than ever.
planning: some fun friend time next week! And by 'planning', I just mean I'm ready.
missing: Mexican food.
loving: the longer moto rides into town.
not loving: the price of longer moto rides into town.
exploring: our "neighborhood".
getting: excited for a visit to the States this fall.
keeping: so. many. plants alive. WHO KNEW?
reading: The Idealists Survival Kit: 75 Simple Ways to Avoid Burnout and so much Mary Oliver.
wearing: sweats and flannels most days.
wishing: we had a real kitchen instead of a stove posted up in the No.41 stock room. And a door on the bathroom would be nice, too.
learning: to keep better boundaries.
stressing: less about what isn't and focusing more on what is.
taking: weekly(ish) work/shopping/friend-time/eating trips to Kigail .
completely obsessing: over catching the boys humming or singing "my" songs. (I tried to video Mo belting out TSwift behind his closed door, but I got caught!)
drinking: Ethiopian coffee!
hiding: cheese, sugar, and peanut butter in my room. You know, the essentials.
writing: is my favorite release that I always forget about.
making: all the oil blends. And sprays. And serums....
collecting: planters and getting laughed at for my random selections of everyday Rwandan items.
looking: at all the houses. All. the. houses.
thinking: about buying one. #yikes
dreaming: about white paneled ceilings and black painted floors.
noticing: my oils keep finding new homes in the boys' rooms.
needing: more veggies in my life.
watching: Survivor every night. Terry and I are on Season 20.
embracing: chaos.
knowing: that we have so much to be thankful for.
praying: so boldly and so often.


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