Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Not What I Intended

Mornings are my favorite part of day. Not because I'm a morning person currently (I tend to go in phases), but because I've carved out the perfect little routine for myself. I wake up at the crack of 8 to a quiet house; I put Franklin and Caroline outside (separately, of course) and head to the kitchen to get my coffee, which is already prepared for me by a sweet boy who loves cookies. Properly fueled, I collect all the animals and head back to my room where I put on my favorite worship album of the moment (Elevation Worship: There Is A Cloud), favorite diffuser blend (Joy, StressAway, and Lemon) and sit down for some quiet time (Jesus Calling). This time has literally been so huge for me in setting my heart, mind, and intentions for the day. First.

Yesterday, I had just gotten going. I wrapped up my quiet time and was socializing Caroline (with herself, in the mirror, because her "friends" aren't that excited about her) when I heard the gate slam. It could have been several different people; our housekeeper, one of the many workers still working on the house construction, one of the 41 girls.... it wasn't. It was one of the boys. It's not totally uncommon to find one during the day, especially this one who goes to school very near our house. When he came in the backdoor I was quipping something about Caroline and him getting us breakfast but, as he entered the room, I could tell immediately something was wrong. As soon as he opened his mouth the tears started to fall. His and then mine.

He composed himself and told me that he, along with about 30 of his classmates, had been late for school. They were all brought outside, in front of the entire student body, and forced to kneel down and "walk", on their knees, around in a circle. My student, who is the Head Boy in his class and has had no other behavior problems at this school, did kneel down but explained that, because of a bad knee, he could not walk around in circles. He asked for a parent meeting instead. The teacher accepted and sent him to the Directress to get the form requesting the parent.

After explaining the situation to the Directress, who also happens to be the wife of our Mayor, he was again forced to kneel down and was beaten, violently and senselessly, more than 10 times on his head, shoulders, and legs with a stick. And, worse than any beating, this vile woman spoke words over my child that no human being, much less a so-called educator, should ever speak. And there's probably nothing we can do about it. Which leaves me with nothing, constructive, left to say.

Yesterday, before all of this happened, I intended to write this post. Albeit with a different tone. I was going to tell you about my slow mornings and setting intentions, about my prayers for our home (not the house, but the feeling) and about seeing those prayers answered in our family structure. I wouldn't wish what happened yesterday on my worst enemy. This woman did her level best to tear my guy down, but God met him there, and the lies she spewed were overpowered with Truth. God spoke to His (seemingly) unlikely warrior yesterday and He used the most unlikely mama bear to do it.

I'm not tooting my own horn here. In fact, it's quite the opposite. I, hourly, feel like I'm failing at this, and maybe I am, but He is here and He is working, through my weakness and through the boys' weaknesses. This family, that He built, is our strength and this home, that He provided, is our refuge. For all that we are lacking, there is some kind of fierce and supernatural love here and He continues to shape and sharpen us, together, for His purposes. My boy and I got that message yesterday, despite any others, loud and clear.

So, he was kicked out of school for being late and for being disrespectful as he was being beaten. But this morning, as I drank my coffee, listened to my worship music, and set my heart and intentions for the day, my boy was in the other room pressing his new uniform for his first day at his new school.

There Is A Cloud, Elevation Worship

Hear the Word, roaring as thunder
With a new, future to tell
For the dry, season is over
There is a cloud, beginning to swell
To the skies, heavy with blessing
Lift your eyes, offer your heart
Jesus Christ, opened the heavens
Now we receive, the Spirit of God
We receive Your rain
We receive Your rain
Every seed, buried in sorrow
You will call, forth in its time
You are Lord, Lord of the harvest
Calling our hope, now to arise
We receive Your rain
We receive Your rain
We receive Your rain
We receive Your rain
Like a flood
Like a flood
We receive Your love
When You come

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