Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lost Luggage:: A Rant

Well, I freaked out today. I haven't even been here a week and already yelled at someone. I probably would have cussed at him, too, expect that he wouldn't have understood and those words would have been somehow wasted. I just need to say it. I just wanted you to know, for some reason. I'm trying to be honest and healthy and other good things.... More on that soon.

I arrived in Rwanda last Wednesday night, after over 30 hours of travel. Frank was an absolute rockstar, but I was a bit less relaxed than normal, just making sure that he was fine and tended to. I was tired, but prepared that when we entered Rwanda there would be some kind of "process" getting him approved and I had my mind all sorted for that. I was ready, smiling and patient, and we made it over of that 1.5 hour hurdle with flying colors. And then I went to get my luggage. Two of three pieces were waiting for me.

I took a deep breath and went to the lost and found office. There was another woman in there, who was also very held up at immigration, and this somehow made me feel better. Once she wrapped up her claim, we exchanged hopeful smiles, and I started mine. The man assured me, "Your bag will be here tomorrow." I know better than that, but it was nearly 11pm and I stumbled out to my increasingly impatient driver and started the final 3 hour drive to home.

For the last 6 days, I have called the airport, at least, twice a day. I have talked with Daniel, and Grace, and Diana, and have not received a single update except "We cannot locate your bag." I have been given and googled a few phone numbers and been sent down various rabbit holes, all with international calling rates. I have called Air Canada and Brussels Air, who both told me they couldn't help me? And today, poor Pascal asked me to come into the Brussels Airlines office in Kigali (a 3.5 hour bus trip, one way) "to discuss" and everything boiled to the surface. He got an earful. But, all of a sudden, he was able to give me a local number for Brussels Airlines and English speaking woman named Anna Marie.

She sounded more official than hopeful, but she did let me know that my bag never even made it to Brussels. And I'll be honest, that felt like progress because, in my mind, that narrows down the search to Dallas and Toronto. "These things happen," she said and offered me $100 (which is less than I paid to bring that 3rd piece of luggage in the first place). She gave me some official jargon about a world wide tracing system and the lengths they would be going to, to find the bag.

So there you have it. I lost it (my cool and the bag), but I feel better about it now. Have any of y'all ever lost a bag? Like, forever? The most devastating thing is almost ALL of my essential oils (!!!) were in there. Most of the clothes and shoes I brought for the boys (which brings a few extra prayers to the table from them, Ha!), photos I had printed to decorate the house, extra toiletries and kitchen supplies.... My new favorite Rwandan franc necklace! Ok, let me be done. This was helping and now it's starting to hurt again. ;) 

What do y'all know about this?? Tell me something good! xo

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Shannon Dennis said...

All will work out and I have some things I can send for the boys if you just get me their sizes. I can get them to mama and have her mail them out to you or just get the address. Can do the same for your essential oils. Let me know which ones you need and we can send them too.

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