Sunday, April 3, 2016

Because Barbara

Another 41Day in the books, and it's always so hard to know what to say....

On the front end, it's hard to explain No.41, and all it's moving parts, in a such a way that people understand the simplicity of what we are trying to do; yet, the complexity of so many of the issues we are faced with. It's hard to truly put words to the impact such a small gift has on such a large group of people. And the ripples that this gift is creating within this community, for generations to come. No amount of capital letters and italics seem to suffice when it comes to helping you feel what it ACTUALLY MEANS when you GET INVOLVED.

On the back end, it's hard to find the words to express the gratitude I feel for those who have come alongside of us. Those who share our posts and donate their lunch money. For those who sponsor students and those who shop from our women who are earning an income and sponsoring students. I'm thankful because you give, but I think, more than that, I'm thankful that you give because that means you get it. Even if it's just for that moment. I'm so prayerful that your giving would have the same deep impact on you that it has on one of our students. And the women in our program and their children. And the cook who prepares the food. And the teachers who are also eating at school for the first time. And the parents who weep when they talk about how this one meal affects their whole family.... Because this isn't either/or or us/them. This is both/and. This is all of us.

My girl Barb says, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." (JK. If you were born after 1970 or your mom isn't a nerd, I'm talking about Barbara Streisand.) She's not my girl, but she's right. We were created for community. And I'm here to tell you that community isn't defined by borders, unless we allow it to be. Not state borders or country borders. We all need people. Desperation doesn't just meet us in the slums of the world, but in the throes of everyday life. We've all been desperate for something, at some time or another, and we all know the feeling of someone lifting our eyes or our spirits. Someone coming alongside of us and saying "me too". And there are other times we've felt desperate to do something; to be the lifter of spirits, to help shoulder the load. I'm learning (or trying to learn) to let people help more.... Because, Barbara.

Wow. . .We have gotten way off track here. Maybe that's what happens when you have a year and a half of blog posts swirling around in your head. What I came here to say is, thanks. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. Thank you donating your lunch money for a grand total of over $9000, in one day. Thank you for providing over 30,000 meals for our students in Rwanda. Thank you for the 27 of you donating your lunch money, once a month, for recurring monthly sponsorships. Thank you for changing our world. Thank you for being our people. We ARE the luckiest. xo

**My friend Kristen is in Kenya this week and she shared this blog post that shook me up and inspired many of the words in this post. 

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The Lettered Cottage said...

Thank YOU, Tara! Thank you for going, and knowing, and dreaming, and planning, and rallying, and connecting eternal dots!

Thank you for spanning the gap!
Layla :-)

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