Tuesday, October 14, 2014

what had happened was

Did y'all know I got to shake hands with the President of Rwanda? It was one of my favorite (longest) days of my life. I didn't meet him, but in the midst of a small mob, he shook my hand, and said, "Hello. Thank you for coming." I said nothing and ran off squealing, with my squealing friend, like a couple of 16-year-olds who just touched Harry Styles. I'm telling you this, because it was on my bucket list to "Shake hands with a President who changed a nation." I was hoping it would be him and, as I sat in the same room with him, I knew I wasn't leaving without a handshake. I wondered if I would have been so determined if it wasn't on the list.

Last week, when the blood moon/lunar eclipse came around, it came up again. "See a lunar eclipse." was on my list. Waking up at 5am is not (necessarily) on the list. So, when my alarm went off, I was not excited, but I wasn't about to miss the opportunity to cross this one off. It was cold and rainy out and I couldn't get good view from my house because of all the trees. I grabbed my coffee and Frank and we drove to a nearby parking lot to get a better look. It was awesome, and totally worth a couple less hours of sleep.

Two checks in two weeks. Not too shabby. I'm not a list maker but, it turns out, I can check them off pretty good. And I like it.

I've been thinking about intentionality and what that looks like in my life. Specifically, regarding day to day habits and disciplines. I've always kinda hung my hat on the fact that I am unorganized, unplanned, and undisciplined, but I've been wondering if that's real life or if that's just laziness. Probably a little of both. I definitely do have disciplines, they are just not all that positive....

I read The Power of Habit when I was living in Rwanda. I pretty much loved it. I was so intrigued by the principles and studies, but it was a bit long for me, and I fell off at the end. I would love The Power of Habit: For Dummies. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I heard the author speak at Catalyst and I felt convicted again. I've heard Craig Groeschel talk about his flossing habit and, it sounds like, if I could get that down, my life could all fall into place. Ha! (Also, I was recently shamed at the dentist for my lack of flossing, so I would like to say that it's been nearly a month of flossing, twice a day.)

“This is the real power of habit: the insight that your habits are what you choose them to be.” 
 -Charles Duhigg

All of this to say, I have made a new bucket list of sorts. Bad habits that need to kick the bucket. Much like Bob Goff quits something every Thursday, I think I'll try and change a habit every 4th Thursday. (Listen, apparently, willpower is like a muscle and, if that's true, mine is very, very out of shape.) I have a list of 5 keystone habits (and several minor ones, too) so, if I can pick up some steam, that should carry me into the first of the year. 

First up on the chopping block, is staying up late and sleeping in. "Become an early riser." happens to be on my actual bucket list, so this will serve double duty. I started working on this a couple of weeks ago, but haven't really been able to get much traction. So, if you're reading this, you can help hold me accountable. Maybe ask me how it's going or call me out if you notice it's not going well? 

One of the minor habits I've also been working on is writing more, obvs that's not been happening here but, in my journal. I think that will translate to more stuff showing up on here, too. So, hang around. This could be fun. :)

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