Tuesday, October 7, 2014

wednesday's whatnot

Remember when I told y'all I won swanky new blog design? Well, the blog fairy has come and gone and she dropped off this little beauty. I am pretty much dying over it. If y'all need graphic design work, Danielle is so talented and could not be quicker or easier to work with!

That said, I couldn't even wait to share wednesday's whatnot with you. And when I say that, that means these posts below (as awesome as they are) have been waiting in a draft for weeks and weeks for me to get my act together and say something nice about them. Let's be surprised together, shall we?

This is How You Know You're a Leader. "The world isn’t divided between leaders and followers. The world is full of people who are all called to lead in different areas, at different times, in different ways."

THIS is the coolest thing I have seen in a while. Sign. Me. Up.

7 Things Extroverts Want You to Know. Word.

Hilariously Honest Notes From Kids. My one wish is for it to rain tacos, too....

The Downside of Wanderlust. I feel like you'll be hearing more from me on this...

We Keep Going. LOVE.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends! xo

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