Wednesday, September 17, 2014

wednesday's whatnot

Hey there!

Listen, I'm not gonna lie to y'all. I've had a few of these articles sitting in a draft for weeeeeeeks, but here's the deal, I have to start blogging again, because I just won the coolest giveaway from the sweetest friend! (I never win anything, mostly because I never enter anything, but this day I was feeling particularly procrastinatey.) Do y'all know Danielle Burkleo? You 100% should. She is lovely, and inspiring, and so funny. She is also a very talented graphic designer and I won a complete blog overhaul!

Lord knows, this little blog could use some good lovin'. I may or may not have designed this whole shebang using Word.... Bless.

That said, here's what I found floating around the internets this week a long time ago and recently:

8 Things You Should Know About Yourself.

The End of Charity.

Women Hold Up Half the Sky. Jen Hatmaker has a way of speaking my heart in a way that my own mouth never can. I was "yes"ing and "amen"ing through this whole thing.

The Wilderness Time.

A friend emailed me this post and it has found a new home on my bulletin board.

Last, but certainly not least, have y'all heard of Fair Trade Fridays? It's like Birch Box, but fair trade! No.41 is so, so super excited to be a part! It starts this month!

So, there's that. Are y'all watching Big Brother? I. Am. Obsessed. #BBDerrick

Also, I'm trying to eat less dairy and carbs and more veggies? What do y'all cook? Really. Will you please comment with your favorite recipe and help a sister out?

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