Wednesday, March 19, 2014

wednesday's whatnot

Meet Bonifay. (I call her Bona or BoBo or Bean. She's going to go home confused is what I'm trying to tell you.) She has been my little therapy dog for the last week. Jett dying rocked my whole world. I know I haven't mentioned it on here but, right now, I can't even.... My sweet friend let me borrow this little miss and she truly has been healing my broken heart; I had no idea how hard it would be. Jett was my closest companion, my constant, I am so thankful to those of you who have shared your experiences with me, it makes me feel less crazy for being so completely shattered.

*here's where the segue goes* and these are a few of my favorite things floating around the internet this week:

You're in charge of what you Choose to Believe. Yessir.

Are you Making Yourself Miserable? No ma'am. (Well, maybe sometimes....)

If you are what you eat, I'm well on my way to becoming a Banana Oat Cookie.

Crispy Salt & Pepper French Toast?! OH.EM.GEE.

This post has all the things. The good things.

33 is my lucky number. I'm expecting big things this year...

The sound of Silence.

I'm so ready to read this book.

Hope your week is going awesome!!

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