Wednesday, January 8, 2014

wednesday's whatnot

Nothing like slipping this one in at the last minute. Here are some of my favorite things floating around the interwebs...

I have more throws than any one human could possibly need and I am so all over this Giant Ombre Pom Pom Blanket. (this was actually in the pipelines before Christmas. I'm still all over day.)

This. 17 Things That Happen When You've Been Friends With Someone For, Literally, Ever.

Reading things like this make me feel less crazy...

A Simple Way to Create Lasting Memories. LOVE!

If you haven't laughed today, watch this.

If you would like to laugh again, watch this.

Y'all, I'm not a vegan, but these were some of the best quesadillas I've had.

And I'm out. Happy almost Thursday, pals!


Allison said...

"You don't have to have it all figured out to move forward" I needed that this morning! Thanks for sharing :) love the tat!

tara said...

Hi Allison! It can be tough to follow your heart, we all need a good reminder every now and then. :)

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