Sunday, January 5, 2014

We Have a Word!

Hi, I'm Tara. Remember me?
Let's be friends. Again.

Well, it's that time. A new year, a new beginning, a new determination that 365 days from now things will somehow be better. 

I get it.
I'm a sucker. 
I buy in to all of that stuff.

And I, Miss No-Plans-No-Lists-No-Organization-Whatsoever, I went and tracked down my old, dusty journal from May of last year (the last time I wrote in it) and got to work. I set some goals, not really resolutions, but just some things I'm prayerfully expecting this year. And I picked a word. THE word. The word that will define the next 359 days of my life. 

This is my first year to officially pick a word. 
Last year, I very half-heartedly told myself that my word would be peace. Mostly because I desperately needed it. I scribbled down this quote: 

"When you decide to live out what you believe. When you decide you want peace in your possession, then you will find out what that looks like & feels like. You begin to pray for God to give you peace. You incorporate peace in your relationships. You decide to respond differently. You speak in love. Act in tenderness. You imitate what you know about peace until it becomes a reality for your character & your life." Angela Thomas, A Beautiful Offering

I absolutely loved it, I still do, and then never really thought much about it again. 

Soooo, in the vein of new beginnings, let's give this another shot, shall we?
I've been kicking around some words for a week or so. Refresh. Trust. Heal. Joy. Purpose. Move. All good words, but today I got slapped with the word seek and an accompanying verse. 

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7

For the record, when you get slapped with a word and scripture, you go with said word. 
But really, I'm excited about it and I think it encompasses pretty much all the words I was thinking, or what I was hoping to accomplish by focusing on them. I'm excited to seek God; to know Him more, to understand what He expects of me, to follow Him better. On top of that, I am also taking it to mean living with eyes and arms wide open. Seeking adventure, seeking joy, seeking opportunities to be bold and opportunities to bless others, seeking a husband.... (gasp!)
I've placed the word in a few special places around the house as little reminders to be constantly seeking and I hope I'll be doing little updates on here as things begin to unfold.

And, I guess, that's that. 
2014, I'm ready for you,
Desperately seeking Tara. ;)


Wynne Elder said...

great word tara! it's so fun to pick a word and really live it - i'm working on my post, but this year my word is ALIVE. i want to live alive! live fully, take chances, dream bigger, no excuses. here's to living alive and seeking in 2014!

tara said...

I love that, Wynne!! I can't wait to read your post. Alive is such a great word. I'm so happy to be on the "word" bandwagon. It's amazing what you find when you're actually looking for something! :) I'm so glad you're back on the internets, even though I know you were on a much deserved break, you have been missed! :) Love you, friend!

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