Wednesday, November 6, 2013

wednesday's whatnot

Let's Not Forget About Thanksgiving Season. "….we fool ourselves into believing we’ve earned what we have, so we deserve what we have. Beyond this, what we have is rarely enough. How easily we forget that every gift we have comes from our generous, heavenly Father. We experience these gifts every day, rarely taking a moment to say, “Thank you.” It’s no wonder we skip over a holiday focused on thankfulness, and focus on a holiday that has become an unfortunate expression of wanting more. It’s how we live every day."

Famous Brands Updated with Honest Taglines. Love.

Goats. Me and goats go way back to Noel, but ours weren't this cool….

I Wish I Could Pull That Off. "The only difference in that girl wearing the trendy dress that you could never pull off and yourself is she's not afraid. STOP LIVING IN FEAR."

And along that same vein, take a risk, and Actively Wait on God.

This soup. Let it change your life. Tonight.

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