Tuesday, November 5, 2013

a letter from Inn

"First I greet you in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ. I wish you are fine in all your duties as I am also fine working so hard at school.

I recently received a letter (and very old picture) from Innocent, care of His Chase. While I was excited to hear from him, and it's always fun to get post mail, it was pretty clear, almost immediately, that Inn didn't write the letter, but possibly dictated it to the person writing. I love this funny boy to pieces and I thought I would pass along some my favorite parts.

"The reason as to why I have composed this letter is to greet you and show you the love I have for you."

"The weather for this time in our continent, more especially our country, is cold."

"I wish that you may come to visit me as well as be accompanied my your mother and some other relatives that you generate from."

"Let me just stop from here, but please greet for me your family. I have talked about a lot of things but what is most important is the love I have for you. Thanks"

By: Innocent
your best friend.

PS His Chase has nearly 250 students from Noel sponsored and in boarding school or university (including several of our No.41 girls). There are still about 80 kiddos who need a sponsor. Take some time and check out the program and you could have one of these little jewels hanging on your fridge, too. :) Read more here.

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