Wednesday, October 23, 2013

wednesday's whatnot

The Before You're 40 Bucket List. So much to love here. Give yourself something to shoot for.

Are Cellphones Ruining Our Relationships? This story has a sweet turn (that I could do well to remember, most of the time). "There isn't anyone you can't love once you've heard their story." 

Six Decades of the Most Popular Names for Girls. The geek in me looked at this for way too long....

In other news, I colored my hair last week out of a box from Walmart. That's normal, right? It was a long time coming, and I had to give up no-poo to do it, but I could not be happier. Red is my most favorite color, ever. I went for this look. Now, if only you could also buy Drew Barrymore's face at Walmart....whatever.

Last night, I whipped up this One-Pot Cheesey Chicken Pasta and these super easy, delicious, 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Cookies for Kassie and me.

Speaking of Kassie, this morning, we went to Thistle Farms. Amazing. Inspiring. So many great Christmas gifts here.

And speaking of Christmas, have y'all gotten your stockings yet? The green is already sold out, but more fun patterns are coming soon!

Last, do not click away from this page without watching Andy and Amy's Haunted House. I would cry if I was there, turns out just watching also makes me cry, from laughing.

Happy Wednesday!

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Laura at Ms. Smartie Pants said...

Hello, I found your blog thru Layla. I have only read the first few post from when you arrived in Africa, you have me in tears and laughing! I went to Mozambique for the first time this summer. I get it, all of it, I get the not being able to put it in words, although you do great, and I get the nutella and I get the van that fit 16, they put 19 in ours along with ducks, fish and chicken, yams, you name it eieio! And I saw the bags you made and I cried when I saw the capalana fabric, I can see the ladies walking down the street in their beautiful colors! I went to teach women how to recycle the trash they have around them into jewelry that they can then sell, but I also spent time in the orphanage. It wakes me up at night, how i wish I had the courage to do what you have done! I even visited the vocational school at the orphanage and learned the boys can take farming or carpentry but the girls sewing school closed because they didn't have a teacher. And i thought is that suppose to be me. Thank you for doing what you have done, blessings 10 fold for you! I am going to read your blog like a book, I want to hear all about your experience!

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