Wednesday, September 25, 2013

wednesday's whatnot

What to Do if Your Dreams Feel Unachievable. I love this too much. Dreams are hard and don't anyone ever tell you different. Chase them through the pain, it's worth it.

The Grilled Cheese Social. Read it. Crack up. Don't drool on your keyboard. Thank me later.

Y'all, I can get real geeky about the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It's a personality test and, literally, it knows me better than I know myself. I'm an ESFP, if you're wondering.  If you haven't taken the test, you can do it here. If you already know your letters, check out your Type Head and the Stressors That Get You Spinning. (Thanks, AT!)

I Know You Care by Ellie Goulding. Please, download to donate. #song4syria

Oh, dear. I stumbled onto Rudabeggas Cold Brewed Coffee Concentrate, recently. Peanut Buttercup, Pumpkin Spice, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha (!!!!), this could be a problem. And the packaging, I die.

The Truth About My Life, Adoption, and Parenting. Oh, my word. I love every single thing about this. Adoption or not, parenting or not: "I guess for us, it's how we choose to live our lives. We don't dwell on the hard times!"

How to Get Flat Abs, Have Amazing Sex and Rule the World in 8 Easy Steps. Yes. This.

My lovely friend, Wynne, is doing a No.41 Giveaway over on her blog. A free Signature Bag, whaaaat are you waiting on?!

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Wynne Elder said...

i always love these posts!!

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