Thursday, August 29, 2013


Y'all, time is major flying. I guess you know that, but my goodness... 
I have hardly written a thing around here, and I want to, but for some reason the words just aren't flowing. One day, this little machine and I are going to just park it at a cozy little coffee shop and hash it out. Until then, this is what's happening, currently:

hoping there are still a few people reading this little piece of bloggerville.

sleeping in, a bit. The thing is, I want to wake up early, but....gosh, sleep just feels so good. And I'm good at it.

cutting all my hairs off has been fun. It was kinda accidental, 3 cuts and around 10 inches. It feels like a fresh start. Fresh is good.

reading... y'all, I'll be honest. I got sucked into a 'free' Amazon series, The DiCarlo Brides. The books have been costing me $3.99 since book two. I'm on five of six. Judge, if you must. I bought this today.

packing up all my goodies hanging around the Madre's. I lived here for a few months before I moved to Rwanda and I've been here since I got back. It looks like I'm moving on. It's time to put down some roots.

listening to... Jimmy Needham. Clear the Stage, in particular.

loving my sweet new pedi. It had been, at least, a year. These dogs were barking. I think we got them down to a whimper.

watching Big Brother. I don't really like anyone. But I really don't like Amanda.

drinking...uh, Rwandan coffee from Walmart! Stop the presses! This is BIG!

enjoying catching up with everyone. Being gone for two years, I missed a lot, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous to try to see where I did, or didn't, fit in. I read this quote the other night through tears, "The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart." Thankful for that.

packing and mailing a ton of No.41 orders! One to Switzerland! Did y'all know we were featured on A Beautiful Mess?! Did you know that was the most exciting/amazing day of our lives?!

wearing... my new American uniform. I had one in Rwanda and, though it's cuter, I have one here, too. Don't try to see me two days in a row... ;)

counting the days until fall. Cooler weather, falling leaves, pumpkin spice, football, candy corn, boots, layers, apples, THANKSGIVING....need I say more?

cute-ing. Always. Sorry, that was an inside joke. If y'all haven't met my pal, CleverPitt, you are missing out. Ladies, he's single...

starting no-poo. I know, the name is lame, but have y'all heard of it? No shampoo. Tried it? I am only two days in, but I'm way excited about. I also made my own dry shampoo. Cheap and low-maintaence, a couple of things I brought home from Rwanda.

typing...a lot. (My Gran told me, "Honey, you know 'alot' is not a word, right?" Hi, Gran!)

This has been 'currently: the extended version'. You're welcome. Thanks for hanging around!
Have a great rest of the week! And a very happy Labor Day weekend!!

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