Monday, August 5, 2013


Oh my, there has been so much going on lately. So much swirling around in my mind and my heart. So much that I want to share....when I figure out how. :) Until then, currently:

welcoming so many new routines.

obsessively checking emails.

feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the possibilities and support.

waking up rested.

sleeping like a big, fat, happy baby.

trusting God with the next big leap.


trying to eat healthier, most of the time. Who am I?

drinking protein shakes and green smoothies. And the perfect cup of coffee, every morning.

enjoying playing dress-up. It's fun being a girl again.

loving being able to share the No.41 story.

waiting never gets easier.

reading up on clean eating.

listening to the radio. Weird.

focusing on what's important.

terribly missing my little guy. But absolutely living for our phone calls, even if they do occasionally come at 5am.

watching Big Brother.

appreciating different, but complimentary, personality types and fun collaborations.

laughing at emails from the girls.

praying for a heart and a life that reflects His goodness and grace.

feeling refreshed.

traveling to Nashville next week. A little roadtrip with Alison and CleverPitt. 

crying (re:bawling) through worship at church. It's good to be home.

thankful. Maybe more than ever.

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