Wednesday, April 3, 2013


drinking a new Rwandan coffee. My new fav.

appreciating... a little time away. A new friend. And all things Indian.

watching... Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Don't judge.

eating chicken. Big, fat, yummy chicken.

and trusting.

waiting is hard.

.. our last roomie trip. Tanzania or bust!

opening email after email of sweet 4-1 Day donations with tears in my eyes.

wondering how to make people feel the impact they are making.

sleeping...on some new pillows.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

over April 15th. It's a pretty life-changing big day for Inny. We would be so thankful your prayers.

wearing...the same thing, over and over. And over.

...journaling. thinking I probably should have started sooner.

making a few special No.41 bags. Big news coming soon!

feeling a bit crazy.

getting my room cleaned up and paired down. July, slow down.

loving all the hard work our interns did while they were here. 4-1 Day (and much more) would not have been possible without them. More on that soon.

crying during The Hunger Games. What is happening to me?

listening...the new Hillsong United album on repeat. Thanks, Wynne!

acknowledging...that I feel God most strongly in nature and that our little weekend 'glampfest' was just what this little heart needed.

enjoying every single second with my boy home.

thankful for our newest team member at No.41!! Read more here!

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