Sunday, March 3, 2013

coffee time

It's been a while.
Usually, I come up with a couple of excuses why I haven't blogged.

Today, I won't tell you any excuses.
Let's grab some coffee and I'll tell you some stories.
If we went to coffee...this time you would come to my house.
We would have yummy Rwandan coffee because we don't share our American goodies with visitors.
And I would make sure that you didn't see how brown the water was as it came out of the faucet.

If we went to coffee, we would sit on the 'coffee porch' aka the step outside the kitchen.
Many meetings have been held here.
 Many plans have been made here.
Many babies have been smooched here.
Brunny modeling the coffee porch.
 If we went to coffee...Bernie would inevitably join us.
He would probably chomp on your toes.

If we went to coffee, I would update you on my Inny.
You haven't heard much of his story lately. God has had us on a pretty crazy ride.
I would tell you that April is going to be a huge month for us and I would ask for your prayers.

I would tell you about the interns that are coming on Tuesday.
I would tell you how shocked we were to have a placement agency call us and then tell us they would pay us to train them. Maybe they had the wrong number, but who was I to correct them??
You would give me some ideas of what the heck they might do.

If we went to coffee I would tell you about the ridiculous diet plan Ange has me on.
She tells me 'to be small is very simple' and then she has me drinking hot water all day, as 'medicine'.
Today when I told her I was hungry, she came back with, 'You hangry, you sleep. No problem.'
Thanks, Dr. Ange.

Moving on, I would tell you about more exciting things like the feeding program.
I would tell you it was the best day of my entire life. Seriously.
I would tell you that I often minimize things, it's a defense mechanism, I think.
 But this, this was big.
photo by alisonholcomb
 It was my greatest dream.
My biggest leap.

photo by alisonholcomb
 It was a prayer answered. A promise kept.
It was worth the fight. And bigger than all the mistakes I made along the way.

If we went to coffee, I would tell you just how faithful God has been.
And not really in a comforting way.
He just kinda sweeps in at the last minute, as if it was always meant to be like that.

I would tell you that we take leaps of faith like we take showers around here.
(To clarify, it's more often than not.)
 And in the end, the money's always there, the food is always enough, the jobs always get done.

If we went to coffee, I would tell you that I am learning just how much He loves me.
And I am soaking it up.

I came across this quote today:
As I look back, I am thankful. As I look forward I am expectant. The best is yet to come.
-Craig Groeschel

If we went to coffee, I would tell you that I blogged about this quote one month before I stepped away from everything that I knew and started this little life in Rwanda.

I would tell you that as I begin to wrap up my time here, we have come full circle.
God has done a mighty work here and, as I look back, I am so thankful. 
I am also looking forward with expectancy,
because if it gets any sweeter than this, I can't wait to see.


Nicole said...

How amazing!

Katy {and Kahler} said...

everything about this post makes my heart so happy. thanks for sharing coffee today. when it come to coffee, Rwandan is better than anything I've had here in America anyways! :)

praising the Lord with you and praying for you!

Love that last picture. cannot wait to get my feet back to those hills!

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