Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Some days are just thick with thankfulness and last month saw quite a few of them.
Here's looking at you, March....

drinking Texas Pecan coffee. Because, even though Rwandan coffee is lovely, home(ish) is better.

feeling thankful.

appreciating our little family all being under the same roof again.

reading Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Say You Are by Craig Groeschel.

craving Grandy's.

watching less movies, reading more books.

going to work on blogging a bit more.

laughing.. It's what we do.

eating Indian food at our neighbor's house may have changed my life.

dreaming...lots of dreaming.

waiting until April to, hopefully, spill the beans.

planning a FOR ONE day, 4.1.2013. Stay tuned.

praying works.

sleeping upside down again. I need a new mattress.

missing the madre and the besties terribly.

wearing two new cardies from two sweet friends.

considering some big(ger) leaps of faith.

working on a No.41 Campus Rep program.

getting four interns next week!

loving Q&A a day. A five year journal. Thanks, A!!

acknowledging that I haven't posted Behind the Bag in 3 weeks. See ya next week.

enjoying our new roomie.

thankful...sure am.

1 comment:

Katy {and Kahler} said...

love the way this captures the beauty in the day-to-day. i do posts like this from time to time and call them "right now...". baaaasically the exact same thing! :)
enjoy that TX pecan coffee. I'm in TX enjoying a Rwandan blend. oh, the irony.

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