Thursday, January 31, 2013


drinking Sugar-free Redbull? I was addicted to it in college and one day I just picked it up here and haven't stopped...

feeling happy.

appreciating a handfull of rockstars in Midland, TX who are working their booties off selling No.41 bags. Thanks, y'all!!

reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

watching Tarison grow like a weed.

going to Visitors Day this weekend at Sonrise. Can't wait to see my guy and so many other sweet faces.

laughing that in two weeks we are going to be selling bags in JAPAN. Whaaaaa?!

eating...well, I'll tell you what I'm not eating, EGGS. These chickens are lame.

dreaming of being back home in OK.

waiting on some sweet friends that are coming to visit over the next couple of weeks.

planning our new No.41 kitchen goodies to help fund the set-up of the feed programs.

praying over some possible big deals on the horizon.

sleeping through the night again.

remembering the white sandy beaches and scorching sun in Kenya. Oh, Kenya....

wondering if you've 'liked' No.41 on Facebook.

wearing the same clothes for two or three days in a row. And feeling good about it.

considering buying a light bulb. I've only spent 3 nights without one....

making these lazy cake cookies later.

getting the piles of bags cleaned out of Alison's room. She comes home on Saturday!!

loving banana laffy taffy. The end.

listening to Bernie chomp on his squeaky toy. Why are the best toys the most annoying?

acknowledging change. Inevitable, hard, and exciting change.

enjoying slower, quieter days with many of the girls back in school.

turning our Justin Baby to February.

thankful, just thankful .

1 comment:

Chantel Klassen said...

Kenya looks amazing. I still can't get over the name Tarison, how cool!

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