Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hey there! I realize I have been a bit introverted lately. I am working on a post about that, too. But first, here's a bit of what we've been up to. Currently....
Some of the kids we get to start feeding in just a few weeks.
drinking water. Sick, again. If it's going around, I'll catch it. Every time. :)

feeling a bit better for the first time in a week.

appreciating the sweet visitors we have had at our house over the last two weeks.

praying over this new year, knowing He has big changes ahead.

watching allll of the movies Elise brought back. If you have to miss your roommates over the holidays, at least you can enjoy all the goodness they bring home.

laughing at Inn. My little guy is pretty dang funny. And quirky. And perfect.

eating Lucky Charms. Lacey, you made my life.

dreaming about a perfect day in July.

waiting on Alison to get home and complete our little Rwandan family. It's been too long.

planning our next (non)visa trip. Kenya here we come!

opening the school feeding program this month! 750 kids, the number keeps climbing!! We could use your help (there is a breakdown specifically for the feed program, which is our most immediate need).

sleeping restlessly.

remembering that even though 2012 was one of my hardest years, it was also one of the best by far. And I never took one step alone.

brainstorming new ways to expand No.41 in 2013.

wearing Alison's clothes.  Listen, you left me and if Ange puts your clothes in my room, what am I supposed to do?

considering bangs. Somebody stop me.

making a small dent in the ridiculous amount of emails I have let pile up.

feeling stretched.

getting nervous to ride with the kiddos to boarding school tomorrow. I've ridden on a bus full of kids before, it didn't end well. #vomitrocket2012

loving my red velvet cupcake candle. Candles make it feel like home.

crying easily these days.

listening to the rain pour.

acknowledging growth.

enjoying Bernie's calmer side. Thank you to everyone who has sent him chew toys. Our couch thanks you, too.

turning our brand spankin' new Justin Bieber calender to January. Thanks, Chelsey!

thankful for every second of this crazy ride.


L said...

So excited to see what the Lord does with you ladies in the year ahead =) =)
I know He has beautiful plans for you!
Much Love!

Wynne Elder said...

Always love these posts! Have missed ya. Sad you can't have Alison right nod but happy I can ;) ;) ;) ill send her back with goodies, does that help? Love you!

tara said...

Thank you, L! We are pretty excited, too! Wynne, we share a pretty great girl. Goodies ALWAYS help. ;) I am loving your blogs these days. Love you more!

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