Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for family. My little family here, this rag-tag group of people that I get to live out this crazy life with. Ange, Fanny, Elise, Alison and now, sweet baby Tarison. Here's a little look back at how it all began...

Y'all know I got this house in March and No.41 stared that same week.
After working for two weeks, Ange, speaking no English, came to tell me she had to leave, she was being kicked out of her current living situation and was off to live with another family in another part of Rwanda. She was in tears. I barely knew her. She moved in the next day. 

About a month later, Fanny came into my office room with a translator to tell me that she was pregnant and she was going to live with an older sister in another part of Rwanda. I asked her about the baby's father, her school, and how she planned to support the baby. She moved in the next day.

Back when I was still living in the orphanage and No.41 was still really just a dream, I started emailing with Elise. She had come on a Visiting Orphans trip just after Christmas and decided (even before she went back home) that Rwanda was her new home and Noel was it. We had been kicking around what she would need to do and where she might live. And then I rented the house. She was in.

And I think it was just a few days before that, that I got an email from Alison. She told me that she had been reading the most wonderful piece of written words on the internet my blog and that God had been stirring her heart for what was next. She didn't tell me she planned to move here, or really anything specific that she was thinking, but for whatever reason (I know the reason, now) when I got the house, I felt compelled to email her and let her know. I think it went something like this, "I just wanted to let you know that I just rented this big, stupid house and I don't know what I'm doing with my life, but Elise is coming and you're welcome to come, too." She came.

And, last to the party but certainly not least, Baby Tarison. Alison and my little namesake and the apple of Fanny's eye. He is precious and beautiful and just 3 days old. We love him to the moon.

So, that's our little house, in a nutshell. Each of these girls has impacted my life in ways that I'm not sure I could put into words. I'll just say I am way (WAY) thankful.

Oh, and then there's these two...

Happy Thursday from Bernie and Olive!

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