Friday, October 19, 2012


Sometimes I take things for granted.

Sometimes I stay in my pjs all day.
And sometimes into the next day, too.

Sometimes I try to tell God how it's gonna to be.
 Most times He puts me in my place.

Sometimes I hear people talking outside and, for a second, I wonder why they are talking so weird.
And then I remember that I'm the one who talks weird around here.

Sometimes I forget how big all of this is, the work we are doing.
Sometimes I don't know how to convey the huge moves of God and the tiny part I play.

Sometimes I feel closest to God on bus rides through this beautiful country.
Sometimes I feel closest to Him on moto rides. For a different reason.

Sometimes I whatsapp Alison.
Sometimes I whatsapp Alison when she's in the next room.

Sometimes I think music opens up my mind to what my heart feels.

 Sometimes a day calls for four different languages:
English, some Kinyarwanda, a smidge of Swahili and a dash of French.

Sometimes I beat myself up.
Sometimes I remember to remind myself of this quote:

"In my best moments, when I calm down and listen closely, God says, “I didn’t ask you to become new and improved today. That wasn’t the goal. You were broken down and strange yesterday, and you still are today, and the only one freaked out about it is you." -Shauna Niequist


Sometimes I serenade my moto driver.
Sometimes the inside of your helmet is just as good as the shower for your voice.

Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to deserve the peeps I get to call friends.

Sometimes I blog.

1 comment:

L said...

LOVE your new layout. It fits your blog really well friend!
I love your honesty in this post too. You guys are allowing the Lord to use you to do such a beautiful thing where you are! So proud of you!
Much Love,

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