Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hey there, November! You've never looked so green.
Oh. Except for last year.... 

feeling incredibly hopeful.
refusing to give up.
sleeping... just a little bit better.
drinking... huge bottles of water. I hate you stomach bug.
packing No.41 necklaces and bags to send back to the States later this month.
laughing that it's almost November and I'm still in Rwanda. There were many times I didn't think I would make it to June...
loving that we get to host 2 more Visiting Orphans teams this month and next.
watching Glee. Lots of Glee.
making... some big, exciting plans.
appreciating God's timing.
planning... another trip to Uganda next week.
dreaming about a proper Thanksgiving meal.
thinking it might actually happen this year.
crying over sweet Olive dying. *sniff
realizing... I had a special little hole in my heart just waiting for Baby Tarison.
praying over a few friends in some pretty tough situations.
starting... to plan some much needed fundraising.
finding... a wee bit of patience that had been hiding deep down inside.
eating the best breakfast (and lunch and dinner) burritos I've ever tasted.
flipping Justin Bieber's sweet little face over to November. One day early.

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