Monday, October 1, 2012


drinking... huge amounts of coffee.
appreciating the madre. Today is her birthday!
watching Fanny's ever growing belly. Come on, baby!
laughing about the fifth move in date on the new No.41 house. (It's Wednesday.)
eating gummi bears. duh.
willing.... any kind of pumpkin-y goodness into my life.
waiting... on some good news from a certain school.
prepping the No.41 website. It's coming, I swear. :)
opening... a can?
sleeping upside down because I'm too lazy to flip my mattress.
remembering...that this time last year I also wanted to punch everyone in the nose for bragging about their pumkin-y goodness.
brainstorming... on something new.
wearing sweats and hoodies. It's fall-y here, too, sucka.
considering... a workout plan. I'll let you know if I actually do anything about it. Don't hold your breath.
making myself get up early for quiet time.
feeling tired, but too restless to sleep well.
getting anxious about the future.
loving my new, huge, Rwandan coffee mugs.
having... friendship withdrawals. I miss y'all!
listening to the new Mumford & Sons album. Oh, no I'm not. It's just what all the cool kids are doing....
crying over....well, nothing.
turning... 25 in a few months. Just where does the time go?? ;)
acknowledging several areas in my life with room to grow.
flipping the Justin Bieber calendar to October.
enjoying.... rainy Sundays. And Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays....
thankful for way too much.

via Elise Blaha


L said...

These are awesome! Love it! Do the leaves change colors in the fall in Rwanda too? I've never been so am curious =)
Much Love!

tara said...

Thanks, L! No, we really don't have much season change around here, just rainy and dry. It's rainy season now, so it's cooler in the mornings and evenings (60s) and verrry green. Rwanda truly is a paradise. :)

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