Monday, September 3, 2012


Oh, this blog.
I realize it has been lamesauce around here.
I'm gonna work on it, I promise.
But for now, home.
Home Sweet 'homa.
 Did y'all know I got to go home?! It was a surprise! I got to pop in on the madre, I wish I had a picture of her face. She had no idea.
And I got to surprise Lindsey and Lindsey!

Y'all know I ate some cupcakes.

I even took in a baseball game. It was only 115 degrees. Literally.

I got to meet, the handsome, Lex Simpson.

Oh, and see my sweet Jetty.
He looks like he's in jail, but really he snuck in here to finish digging his hole to China.

Do I even need to say anything?

I did a bit of shopping for a sweet someone.

I definitely approve of this new addition to I-40.

 Oops. Cupcakes, again.

And books. My weakness. They were on sale....

I did a bit of work, too.

I'd say it was a success.

And I prayed alot of big ol' prayers under this big ol' cross.
Have I told y'all, I love my church.

Annnnd, I got wrinkles.
I mean, I met Jen Hatmaker.
Love is an understatement.

So, to wrap up my little rendezvous in America, one of my favorite things was getting to welcome my sweet, sweet pal, CleverPitt, to his new home in Texas.

We got to visit his new school.

We went to the arcade.
Maybe he still needs some practice...

Uh, he played dress-up?

And then he cleaned UP at Target.

I love you, Mr. Pitt, and even though I miss you, desperately, I am so excited for your new adventure.

So, in the tiniest little nutshell, that's all my instagram has to say about that.
Needless to say, I was so (soooo) sad to leave.
But, I have to say, I feels pretty great to be back.



Chantel said...

It looks like a great trip home!

Practical Traci said...

Love the wrap up, I bet your mom was thrilled!

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