Thursday, September 20, 2012


Happy Thursday! 

I wanna say something. I wanna talk to y'all. Tell y'all a funny story.
But I've got nothin'. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

I was looking back at some old blogs from this time last year. 
Wondering what I had to say then and why I've got nothing now.
I didn't really find anything out, but I think this one is particularly funny.

These days my head is full of work.
The girls, different teachers, paying taxes, finding materials, university enrollment, gummi bears...
That's a lot of pressure on a little brain.

So, I'll be back. 
I promise. 
And I'm going to say something...monumental.
Let's be honest, that's a lie.

But while we're here, 
what do y'all think of these little beauties?

We don't know who these belong to, but would like to find out.
Alison and I ran across them and are feeling pretty inspired.
Would you buy them?
Would you buy them if you knew they provided new shoes to a student?


katiem said...

I would love to buy a pair of shoes like that. Knowing that it would provide a pair of shoes for a student would be a bonus.

I also can't wait to be able to buy bags from the project.

tara said...

Thanks, Katie! I know it seems crazy to be talking about getting other things when we don't even have our bags available, yet. :) We have some at the airport, as I type, waiting to be sent out. Hopefully this week! They are coming!! :)

Amanda said...

The shoes are super cute! I would definitely buy a pair. Them providing new shoes to a student is just an added bonus!

Jenna Knight said...


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