Monday, July 2, 2012

oh, y'all.

I forgot how to blog.

On accident.

I don't know how to be witty anymore.

I don't have any more creative words to say thank you.

Apparently, I need anger management classes. And that's not fun for anyone.

My head is too full. And my brain is broken.

But I have crossed a few things off my bucket list lately and I thought maybe we could talk about that.

52. Live in another country for a year.

61. Start a business in Africa

68, Bungee jump off a bridge.

Yep. It happened. All of it.

Whose life is this?


Inspirational Blog said...

OMG, that's so awesome! Is that really you jumping off that bridge??? Thanks for updating us. You're such an inspiration :)

Your fellow bucket list bloger,
Mike Hoang

Shannon said...

Oh yes, that is Miss Tara jumping off the bridge acting like she is flying. After 31 years of loving her as my cousin I can tell you in just about any picture if that is her. ;) I am glad you are knocking things off your bucket list, however, I can't wait to have you back. We miss you around here. We (just the girls in the family) got together for my bday and it just wasn't the same without my witty (yes witty) cousin. You haven't forgotten how to blog, I'm sure you just use it all up daily on those new friends of yours. Love and miss you. Shan

Chantel said...

Those are some amazing accomplishments! Awesome!!

L said...

wow those are all super exciting things girl!! Oh btw, do you sell your items online? Cause i'm totally in love with those bags =)
Much Love,

tara said...

Thanks y'all!! L, we are going to start selling the bags online, as soon as we can get caught up. We are hoping to send a ton back to the States in 2 weeks and we should open up the website soon after. Thanks for asking!

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