Wednesday, July 11, 2012

coffee break

If we went to coffee, there would be so much to say. You might ask me why it's been so long.... I would probably flop into the chair, my eyes would well up, and those tears that have been hiding just below the surface would start to pour. The tears are sad, they are so happy and mostly overwhelmed by His goodness. And my own ignorance.

If we went to coffee, I would tell you that you may not have wanted to talk to the me I was becoming. She wasn't pretty.

I would tell you....that sometimes (most times) I can't find to words for this life, so it's easier to just be quiet. I would tell you that I have been struggling and even avoiding myself.

If we went to coffee, I would, no doubt, tell you about the beauty of No.41. We would talk about the outpouring of love (and burlap) and the fact that we can't keep up with the demand. In a good way. I would tell you that the website is ready, but we don't have enough bags yet. I would tell you that we are gearing up for August. And you would scream with excitement.

photo: carla bourland
I would tell you that...the girls are blissfully unaware and are flourishing under the scramble. I would tell you that the visitors (four Visiting Orphans teams) have blessed us all. Beyond words. These little bugs are finding value in their work and hope in your support. They are confident and happy and beginning to dream. And it can't go without saying that they have sold over 100 bags!

photo: tymm hoffman
 If we went to coffee, I would tell you about the day Jamie (from Oklahoma) and Eva (Rwandese business owner) came out to Gisenyi and hosted a business workshop with the girls. They asked them to write down their 3 year plan. And how we, immediately, set out to help them achieve it.

I would tell you... about our career day in Kigali. About how 6 girls got to visit a five-star hotel, the airport, a cafe, an advertising firm, a web designer and a hair salon. We would laugh about it being their first time in an elevator and we would tear up talking about the two lovelies who want to be flight attendants, but had never been inside an airport. I would tell you that they got to go on a plane, sit in the chairs, check out the cockpit... I would tell you that at the end of the day, they told us, "...for the first time our eyes are open and our dreams can now grow."

I would ask you to pray for five of our girls who just applied at The Akilah Institute for Women ( in Kigali. I would tell you what an amazing opportunity this could be for them and that they are going through applications and starting the interview/testing process, as I type.

If we went to coffee....I would tell you that my little Meggy Moo is back. Y'all know the love I have for this girl. And this time she is EXTREME.

Speaking of extreme, we would have to talk about the bungee jumping/white water rafting excursion. About how it was terrifying and exhilarating. And about how I can cross that off the list and never have to do it again.

Lastly, if we went to coffee... I would have to update you on my little guy. And how he's not so little anymore. I would tell you that he is taller than me and I mustache you what that hair growing on his upper lip is?! I would tell you that he is happy, excelling in school, and that I miss him so bad it hurts sometimes. I would tell you that this morning I re-read these words about I wrote about him over a year and a half ago and I am still blown away by what I knew and felt, even then. I am so thankful for this journey and how far we've come. I would ask you if you would pray for us and the coming months.

 If we went to coffee, I would tell you, I love you. And I miss you so much.


Bubba Brand said...

Whenever you post these, I try to actually visualize sitting with you and how these conversations would go.

Carla Bourland said...

Hang in there sweet girl! It's difficult to accept the yucky stuff with the blessings. But THE BLESSINGS!! Oh my, aren't they worth it?

I think of you and your girls daily. I hope to see you again.


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