Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oh, hey....

Whew, it's alittle dusty around here...

Y'all, there is a dang lot that has been going on at the No. 41 abode.
Let me try to catch you up abit.

First, one of my favorite things, we got two new roommates! Holla!
And no, I don't say 'we' as in me and the lizards, I think I forgot to mention my other two roomies.
Ange and Fanny (both No. 41 boos) have been living with me for about two months.
Answered prayers all around. 
But about a 3 weeks ago, Alison and Elise joined the crew.

Both girls came to the orphanage on a Visiting Orphans trip in January and turned right around to move back here for a year. 
Another major answered prayer.

Alison jumped in head first as the newest (and only other) No. 41 team member and Elise is definitely a consultant, though we haven't tied her down. ;)
I cannot say enough about these girls and I'm sure you'll be hearing so much more.

In other roommate news, about 3 days after Elise and Alison arrived, we added 5 more around the dinner table.
Leaving out alot of the details, several of our girls (age 20-25) are being reunified with their "families" and being sent out of the orphanage.
So, the transition part is happening sooner than we thought. But we know it's His timing.
In order for them to continue working here, we all decided the best thing would be to move them in here temporarily, until we could find a better solution.

It's hasn't been pretty, but it has been pretty apparent God is in this.

And the best news?
They moved into their own house this weekend!
It's about 3 doors down from us and we got them only the basics they needed to get started. The rest they will be able to take care of themselves with the money they are making at No.41.
Just some more answered prayers...

Speaking of the money they are making, we had our first customers here this week!
It was so awesome seeing everything come to fruition and seeing the girls see it, too.

Visiting Orphans was here for 4 days and among so many other blessings, we sold our first 13 'for one' bags, several 'oops' bags, and I don't even know how many necklaces.
Thank you, VO!

And not to get on my soapbox, but I can't seem to find anywhere in the Bible where it says, Go and make disciples of all nations, but only if you spend less than a certain amount of money getting there or only if you stay an extended amount of time. I am a short-term missions fan, I have seen the benefits over and over again, and not just in my own life. And Visiting Orphans does them so well.
And done.

So, that's about the last two months, in a (really small) nutshell. 
I have seriously got to keep up alittle better. 
If you would like to see a few attempts at trying, you can check out our
Facebook page:
Twitter: No41_org
Instagram: no41

Website and No.41 blog coming soon at
Until then...

Thank you so much!! Please don't think for one second we don't soak the love out of every single blessing, every single day. And that includes YOU!
We love you!!


Amanda Rae said...

The most most specialist thing about this blog? Those sweet arms holding those bags have NAMES and FACES to me now.... and will always be remembered and cherished. THANK YOU NO.41 for your AMAZING hospitality. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

L said...

Tara!!! I just found your blog and saw the sidebar saying you love Jesus, live in Africa and eat response was....why hello best friend =) =) LOL.
Seriously I'm so glad to have come across your blog and can't wait to hear more about the journey you are on. I think I found you through Elise's blog so I seriously am so stoked to hear about your adventures and would love to return to africa sometime myself =)
Can't wait to hear where the Lord takes you girls!!
Much Love,

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