Monday, May 7, 2012

My Pal, Faustin

Can I tell y'all about my pal, Faustin?
He's awesome.

Faustin lives behind me in, what I think we would call in America, 3 rooms. Total.
He shares these 3 rooms with his elderly parents, Joseph and Olivia, his sister, Zawadi, and his son, Innocent.

I cannot say enough about this family and what they have been to me in the short time I've been here. Truly a Divine Appointment. Faustin travels back and forth from Kigali (a 3 hour trip) for work because there are no jobs to be had here. And in the meantime, he acts as my maintenance man; doing everything from changing light bulbs and repairing locks to hanging curtains and working on sewing machines.

Zawadi has made herself right at home, and not in a sit-down-and-drink-your-Coke kinda way, but she just walks in and starts cleaning. Floors, dishes, bathrooms, no matter. Aaaand she is one of our newest recruits at No. 41.

Innocent, 7, had me at his name, but his little personality is just precious, precious, precious. And he has an Oklahoma tee. Cooome ooon!

Both parents are ill; Joseph sends most of his time in the bed, but Olivia continues to work around the house.

Faustin has been building and saving, building and saving on their family home for the last two years and has recently run into a time crunch, when our landlord decided to knock down the home they are renting. It's not a malicious thing, just need. So, here's where you come in.

Y'all have been so generous in supporting me and No. 41 and our girls and I just wanted to ask for your help one more time. I know you have it in you. :) But more than that, I know God has a plan for this family and I know He wants to bless them with the $1000 they need to finish their home. $1000, that's it. $1000 to change the lives of 5 people. To show a family the love of Christ. Faustin and I talk openly and often about God the ways He blesses our lives. We share many of the same views, but where we differ, it's drastic. I know this would blow his mind.

Every night, when we are locking up for bed, Faustin says, "Tara, see you in morning, if our God can help us." I would like to show Faustin, just a fraction of, how big our God is. He can and He does help us.

If you can help, in any way, you can comment below or send me an email,

Oh, and THANK YOU!!


Anonymous said...

Ummm. You're amazing. Just thought you should know. I was telling my family about you and No. 41 the other day. I just read this post and wondered how much, if any, you still needed to raise for Faustin. I'd love to help!

Casey Murphy said...

Tara, this is Lindsi Murphy, Casey's wife. He asked me to read your blogs, and I can't tell you how you have touched my heart in many ways with your wonderful stories. I wish I was as brave as you are to live in another country and help those who need your help! Your an amazing women, with and amazing heart!! Please let either of us know how we can help! We would LOVE to!! God bless you!!

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