Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet the Newbies

You've gotta move quick around here!
These two girls just started the school on Monday and it looks like they may already have sponsors. Holla!

I mean, beautiful inside and out is the best way to describe Angel. She was attending school with a couple of our girls and they asked if she could join. I am so excited to have her.

Angel is 24 years old and is the youngest of four children; she has three older brothers. When their mother died in childbirth, their father was raising all four children on his own until 1998 when he suddenly died of an unknown illness. Angel was 10 years when she and her brothers went to live with their aunt.

Angel has finished secondary school and hopes to continue her studies at a university in America. She would like to study journalism or tourism, but in the meantime, she would also like to work at the airport. Stamping passports. :)

Angel is happy to be learning at the sewing school. If she makes so much money, she is going to buy a house for her aunt. She would like to increase her sewing business to earn even more money and solve many of her problems.

She is so so happy to have a sponsor. She knows you will be very nice to her. She wants to call you her family, because she has no one in her life and she wishes to be a good child for you. She thanks God and she loves you so much.

Oh, I am so excited to have Sandrine in the sewing school. Her dad is the gatekeeper at the orphanage and he is one of my favs. (I think because he plays hard to get.) He is one of those strong, silent types. Until one day, he came and asked me if his daughter could come learn to sew. He lit up and he has been glowing ever since.

Sandrine is one of seven children. At 23 years old, she is the oldest, followed by an 18 year old, 16, 15, 14, 13, and a 12 year old. Whew. Sandrine was the only child her parents could afford to put through school and she graduated in 2009. She would like to continue her studies at university and hopes to earn and accounting degree. Sandrine would like to find a job working in a bank.

The sewing school is very nice for her, because learning to sew, she will be able to help her family by making and repairing clothes. Sandrine's family of nine is currently renting the house where they live for 10,000 rwf/month ($15). She hopes that with the money she earns, she will be able to help her parents buy their own home.

Sandrine is so excited to get a sponsor. First, she would like to say thank you for your good deeds of loving her. She hopes to have a very good relationship with you.

So,there you go. The count sits a 24; quite a jump from the original 6. We will still have two more chances to sponsor, once our two sickes get back. More soon.

Thanks, yo!

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