Thursday, April 26, 2012

good grief

Hello lovelies!
Happy Thursday!

It's been a while and I have some exciting news to share.
But first....

Before I go into this, this is all just my humble opinion. 
I have this hang-up with the phrase 'good grief'. I feel like you should only say good grief if your grief is, well... good.

For example:
Grief can be bad, all bad. Like when a lady in a Starbucks smock sells you rice (and not a grande, iced, sugar-free vanilla latte). That is just grief, and not a good grief situation. 

A situation can be all good. Like when you come home at the end of an exhausting day and find that some of your favorite girls on the planet have learned a new trade. There is no grief here so, again, not a good grief situation. 

Sometimes grief can be good, or worth it. And then I feel like that's the time to say, good grief.
That said...

Goooood grief.

Y'all, these last two weeks have been the most exciting, frustrating 14 days of my life.
In the most miraculous turn of events, 65 of the older children are now sitting in some of the best boarding schools in the country.

This is huge for these guys. With education being the only thing the orphanage has to offer them for their future, boarding school is the best possible place they could be. Not only are they gaining valuable life skills (most left a 10 mile radius for the first time in their lives), but they are being taught in English, they are studying in computer labs, they are learning discipline, eating good meals....the list goes on and on.

Thank you so much to His Chase for making this happen.

Literally, it has been a whirlwind of meetings, traveling around, meetings, visiting schools, meetings, purchasing supplies, meetings...

My daily prayer has been: "Dear Jesus, please don't let this person be crazy."
Followed quickly by: "Dear Jesus, please don't let me go crazy on this crazy person."
It happened.

Clever got to travel with the biggest group of kids. He said, "Tara, the children were so happy. They were shouting and dancing and vomiting the whole way." 
If you've never been in a car for any extended period of time, zig-zagging through the mountains, on a bus, doesn't make for a good time.
Luckily, one of the supplies each child had to bring to school was a bucket. :)

Anyway, I don't even know what to say, except that I'm thankful it's over.
And I would do it all again.

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