Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Whoa, ok, I feel like it's been a while. And more than that, I have some pretty monumental news to share. I don't generally make it a habit to speak in all caps BUT...

Am I excited?
Yeah...kinda. (!!!!)

So, it all started happening really quickly about 2 weeks ago. I (finally!) got all moved into the new digs last Tuesday. The house is pretty sweet even if home building in Rwanda is hard on this little designer's heart. And that was really all we were waiting on. (I'll have to get you some pictures soon of this technicolor dream house.)

Thanks a bazillion, Presence Ministries, for our fancy furniture.

Y'all, these girls are amazing! And so excited to be here. They even show up on time...sometimes. :) They are picking up this sewing business so quickly. Me? Not so much. However, I am reaping the benefits. We have 20 girls!! A major upgrade from the original number of six. (I already knew we would be taking more, I felt like God kept saying, twelve. And that made me nervous, but when He speaks I try to listen. So, now with the 20, I feel like He is just showing off. This is so, SO beyond me.) Anyway, two of the girls actually know how to sew, so while the other girls are learning the basics, Theresse and Ange made me a skirt, a bag and new curtains! Holla! (Again, more pictures coming soon.)

We work Monday-Friday, 8-4, with a one hour lunch break. It is seriously the time of my life and a dream come true. This is such great opportunity for the girls, not only to learn a trade that will always generate an income, but they are being paid to do it. And they, indefinitely, have jobs. Twenty young women have jobs, thanks to you.

Thank you so much to every single one of you who made this possible. With all of your generous donations, we were able to pay a full year of rent at the house! And even though I won't be here the full year, the girls will continue to work out of the house; it's so nice for them to be out of the orphanage and in their own space. We bought 6 sewing machines and several yards of beautiful African fabric, and you all donated yards and yards of burlap. We have received scissors and seam rippers, tape measures, thread, needles...the works. We also had a logo designed and are having screens made so that we can print the logo onto our bags. I say this often, because I mean it, thank you does not cover it. But, well, thank you!!

So, my goodness, meet the girls!

Huddled around "Medi" (our teacher...and cook)

Beatrice and Vestine checking things out.

practicing on paper



Medi and Ange

Chantel, Passy, and Beatrice

Josephine, Sandrine, Franny, and Amiele

Chantel2, and Passy

I mean, when you can't sew and you spend 7 hours a day with the paparazzi....



Diane and Chantel modeling our inspiration bag.

Beatrice and Passy


Sweet, sweet Louisa


So, that's not everybody, but that's a really good start and, you know, there is way more to come. Thank you for coming along on this crazy ride. If you would like to help out, here are just a few ways: Our wish list includes 3 more sewing machines ($120, each) 11 chairs ($10, each), a cutting/ironing table ($50), 2 irons ($20, each), a bookshelf to keep all of our materials ($100) and we'll always need more fabric. :) Thank you so much! God has so faithfully provided for this project, over and over, and I know that He will continue to do so.

It's happening.



Ashley said...

Hey Tara

Been following your blog...found it via Jennifer and Chris' Blog... found via AWAA adoption blog search! Phew that was a long trail. But wanted to say what an encouragement your posts have been. Sewing is such a valuable trade (can't say I can do it worth anything). Where should donations be sent to?

Ashley Irvin

charp said...

I must have missed this but how do we donate to 41? Miss your face like crazy but I am glad I get to see it on your blog! XOXO


Ashley said...

P.s. via Wynne's blog, too, i guess

Ashley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tara said...

Hey Ashley! Glad you found you're way here. Thank for reading. Nice to "meet" you!

Chels, I miss YOUR face!! And I love your new 'do! ...I miss those, too (new 'dos). xx

Y'all can donate on the right hand side of the blog, second photo down, it says 'donate here'. Make sure on page 3 you designate my name or No. 41. Thank you so much!!

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