Thursday, March 29, 2012

And Introducing....

Prayers are funny. At least, mine are. I've never pretended to be a good pray-er; most of the time, I don't know what to say, even to myself. If you ever catch me praying out loud, call a doctor. I usually just sit and contemplate (knowing the the Holy Spirit will intercede on my behalf); I'm pretty good at being thankful and I'm really good at begging. 

There are many things I pray for and never notice His answer, there are many times I've cried out, "Where are you?!" And then there are days like yesterday. Days when you realize that He is working in you and through you and His ideas are way better than anything you could have ever come up with. 

In the last month, my life has started to spin so beautifully out of control. And maybe you're thinking, you never knew I had it together. Fine, I haven't. But y'all, I just want to say thank you. I'm running out of ways to say how just how thankful, blown away, overwhelmed, overjoyed, under-qualified (and the list goes on) I am. Your love and support is the backbone of what we are doing. This would not be possible without YOU.

Yesterday, I showed you 8 of my favorite girls on the planet. I asked you to pray about sponsoring them and pouring alittle love into their lives. In just over an hour, ALL 8 girls had new 'families' and so did 6 more that haven't even been introduced yet. You have no idea what this means to them. And to me. This morning I told them the news. The joy in the air is so thick it's hard to breathe. We all sat together on Facebook and looked at photos of the new sponsors. More laughing, squealing, high-fiving. I can't wait to talk to each of you about your girl's reaction.

Today, I'm going to introduce you to four girls who are still needing sponsors. Tomorrow, you will meet 6 who were sponsored, sight unseen, and then we have three more who are out sick or caring for sick family members and you will meet them when they return. (Yes, we are up to 21 and still counting!)

Y'all, have I said thankyou?!

Sylvie is wise beyond her years and often acts like a mama bird.
 "Sylvie, how old are you?"
"Perhaps, I am 24."
Alright, so Sylvie was born in 1988 in Congo, she was living with both parents, until in 1995 when her mother became very ill and died. Sylvie's father was unable to care for her and her younger sister and they were taken to an orphanage in Congo. In 1996, as the war worsened, the orphanage decided to move the children to Rwanda and Sylvie, along with her sister, was brought to Noel. 
Perhaps she was 8.

Sylvie likes living in the orphanage because she has been given the chance to study well. She knows her father would not have been able to afford school fees and she is thankful to the orphanage for that. Sylvie loves people and wants to study Sociology so she can take care of all of them. I asked her about her dream job and she said she would think about that when she finished her studies. One at a time.

She thinks the sewing school is very, very good because she can continue her studies and increase her knowledge.

Sylvie can't wait to have a sponsor and she says thank you for choosing her, she will make you very happy.


Ange is not a child of the orphanage. She is beautiful and classy. And sad. I want to give Ange the encouragement that I don't think she has ever received.

Ange was the first baby for her mother and father, but when her mother died in childbirth, her father was forced to give her to her grandmother to be raised. Shortly after, her father was remarried and Ange hasn't seen him since. She stayed with her grandmother until she was 12 years old, her gma passed away, and Ange went to live with an uncle. Just recently, her aunt's husband has gone out of the country to study and Ange moved in with her aunt to keep her company and help out around the house. I met Ange when she was given a temporary job as a cook at the orphanage.

Ange was in school until 5th grade and her uncle could not continue to afford school fees and she was put to work in the family's home. She is passionate about the arts: cooking, sewing, making bread, and doing hair and make-up. Her big dream is to one day work in a salon.

Ange really enjoys the sewing school. It's good for her to have somewhere to work hard and earn money.

She will be so happy to have a sponsor and thankful that someone has chosen her. She says, thank you for your help. She will become a good girl for you. Thank you for everything.

Rosine is our newest little love. She is quietly confident and always wearing a smile. She is also not from the orphanage, but her aunt, Mama Clarisse, is one of my favorite mamas (at the orphanage) and asked if she could join. Umm, duh. :)

Born in 1982, Rosine is 29 years old and the oldest of six children. Rosine, her 3 brothers and two sisters, lived with both parents until she was 11 and her father fell very ill and died. It was at that time that Mama Clarisse and her daughter (Clarisse) moved in with their family and Rosine's mother worked very hard to put all of her children through school.

Rosine wants to study Accounting or Computer Science and she hopes to work in a bank one day.

She likes the sewing school so much. She is going to work very hard and use her money to help her family and solve many of their problems.

She loves her sponsor so much and she hope one day they will come visit her in Rwanda so she can show them her family. She wishes to talk to you often and when she succeeds she will come to visit you in America.

Oh mylanta, I love Louisa so much. She is a very special girl and deserves a very special sponsor.

Louisa was born a healthy baby girl in 1992. When she was two years old, her parents were both killed in the genocide. Right in front of Lousia. Authorities think that sweet baby Louisa spent one month alone among the bodies before being brought to the orphanage by a French soldier who heard her cries. Because of that time Louisa's brain has not been able to fully develop. You will almost never see Louisa without a smile; she is very quiet and shy and she asks that you would pray for her to get knowledge. She is sweet and helpful and a very hard worker.

Louisa has some problems with her legs that keep her from using the sewing machines, but she will be knitting some very special scarves for No. 41.

Though she is a lady of few words, Louisa says she is very happy to be in the sewing school and very happy to be getting a sponsor soon.

Annnnd, GO!


Nicole said...

Tara! You are someone who actually acts out what is in my heart! I only wish I had the courage to actually put into practice helping others where I sometimes fall short! You are a wonderful person!!!
I would love to adopt someone, let me know if you have someone new!

tara said...

Oh Nicole! Thank you so much for your sweet words. I feel very blessed to get to love these girls. How would like to sponsor Rosine? I think you two would be a great fit! Thank you, again!!

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