Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I'm not a Beth Moore fan. *gasp!

One time, her bible study over I'm not even sure what ruined my life and my lifegroup.
Those videos. That hair. The homework.
We never recovered.

But, I'm sure she is a lovely lady.
And she has many wonderful things to say.
Like this:

“‎We will miss the greatest adventures of our calling if we remain compelled by comfort. We will be bored stiff and wonder why God never called us to anything. How willing are we to just flat out GO for God? And it is important to remember that in order to go anywhere, we first have to leave someplace else (usually that means our safe place, our comfort zone). If we choose comfort to motivate us we will risk our callings…because this I can promise you -- your calling will always be WAY outside your comfort. God is a whole lot more interested in your calling than your comfort.” -Beth Moore


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