Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Bits of Randomity

Well, I'm back home and back in business.
It feels strange to be back at the orphanage without Mister Inn.
I see a group of kids and find myself scanning for him....
I heard a boy outside the window and for a split second thought, "here he comes..." 
And the madre... * deep sigh. 

On a happier note, No. 41 is moving right along.
In Rwanda, right along means slowly but surely
Today, I went and looked at an awesome house where I could live and we could work.
I told the landlord that I would like to think and pray on it until Monday.
You can join me in prayer if you'd like.

God has some big, BIG plans for these girls.
And I feel like, alot of times, he is dragging me along saying,
"I've got this. All you have to do is show up."

On the bus ride today, I was looking through the notes app on my phone and stumbled on some random thoughts.
I think the August (2011) Tara needed to have a chat with the Current Tara.
Now, to be honest, I think I had been listening to a podcast from Elevation Church at the time, so I may or my not have actually come up with all of these on my own.
So, without further adieu:

Tara's Rando Thoughts
by Steven Furtick

When faced with the reality and enormity of the situation, I have tried to carve out my little place.
God, change ME.
Make me bold. 
Rather than shrinking the situation to me, grow me. Change me.

He brought you this far and he didn't bring you here to leave you.

Even the mountains themselves call us to greater stories.
I remember what it felt like to stand on the top of the mountain, but it's here, in the valley, that we learn and grow.
The valleys are the story.

It's in this valley that I found His heart.
 Shattered for His children.
I see and I knew.
I'm sorry that I tripped, but I'm up and I'm running after You.
No more small prayers to a big God.

Quit trying to finish something God wants you to start.
God blesses obedience.
Trust Him.

Look around.
You can see the big God we serve.
Why do you settle for less of yourself?

I warned you they were random.
Sometimes, I forget this isn't me, but Him in me. 
What's that you say, Phil Wickham?
"All I Am"

Take these hands
I know they're empty
But with You they can
Be used for beauty
In Your perfect Plan
All I am is Yours

Take these feet
I know they stumble
But You use the weak
You use the humble
So, please use me
All I am is Yours

I give You all my life
I'm letting it go
A living sacrifice
No longer my own
All I am is Yours
All I am is Yours....

Holy Moly.



Rebecca J Brown said...

Tara, I loved this blog!! It truly helped me today:) Sometimes I feel like God has given me this huge task I dont know how to complete. I cant't believe sometimes that he wants me half the time:) You are right when you say all I have to do is show up where he wants me and TRUST him!! So blessed by you:)

Wynne Elder said...

praying for 41 and for your house! excited!!!!! about possible roomies you girl!

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