Friday, January 27, 2012

If We Went to Coffee...

Hi! Hi! Hi!

I read a blog post the other day, "If We Went to Coffee..." and my first thought was, ooooooooh, I wish I could go to coffee. To breathe in the sweet, sweet smell. To sit in a big comfy chair. To watch the people. To chat. With you. My second thought was, if we went to coffee, we'd have alot to catch up on. So, if we went to coffee, here's what I would tell you....

I would probably tell you that you look so cute. I have forgotten what cute looks like.

I would probably tell you that I like your shoes and your bag. And then I would wonder if I could get a cheaper version at Target or Forever 21.

I would tell you that I am loving the kids being back in school.

I would tell you....that I just rented a house! And then I would tell you that the house is way too big and fancy for just me. But that I have committed the house to God and I can't wait to see how He fills it up.

I would tell you that I will show you pictures next time.

I would tell you that me and my armoire, the only thing I own, are moving in on February 15th and the sewing school (No. 41) will start very soon after that.

I would tell you that I can't wait to introduce the girls to you!!

I would tell you....that I can't sleep without Inn here. I have been sleeping with a nightlight and I just stare at his empty bed. And then I might tear up alittle.

I would tell you that I talk to him on the phone every night. He tells me, "Ma, I miss your face. Ma, I loooove you." And then I would tell you that boy has my whole heart for my whole life.

I would tell you that I'm really not scared of the dark, but that lately there have been some incidents. (Megan.)

I would tell you...that at night, when I go to lock the front door, I can't even look at the door until the curtain is closed. It's like, if the boogie man is there, he won't be able to get me through the curtain.

I would tell you the same thing about going into my bedroom. How I almost run in and shut the door, as fast as I can. Because everyone knows that a killer would never open the door. Duh.

 I would tell you....that we have a new set of twins at the orphanage and I am obsessed. And I'm considering them to be the mascots for No. 41.

I would tell you that I took a hot 'shower' this morning, which is so rare. Any hot water we ever have is generally at night. And not every night, but more frequently now that the house is empty.

I would tell you that there are four bedrooms in the guest house and all four have been full since the first of September until two weeks ago. It's been a nice two weeks.

I would tell you....that I now have 2 weekly phone dates set up with my besties (Lindsay and Lindsey). Which makes me SO happy.

I would tell you that my email and my Facebook inbox are full of the sweetest messages, encouraging words, and offers to help that I have ever read. You would already know that I am a terrible emailer, but I would tell you that I'm working on it. And that I'm so thankful.

And then you would say, "Hey, Tara. Why dontcha let me talk?" And I would tell you, "Next time".



Carol Sortini said...

This is so awesome, your blogs are such an inspiration to me! I can't wait to be back this summer! I think I might be one of those people filling your new house! I can't wait to see you and the kids!
God is doing so much through you, and its so awesome to see you just listening to Him!

Love ya! Praying for you!

tara said...

Oh, Carol, thank you so much! I'm so excited to hear that you may be coming back. And girl, you are welcome in the house, anytime! The kiddos will be so happy! Thank you for prayers. Love you!

Miranda Burcham said...

I love reading your blog. I want to hear about this little boy? I can't find how to get back to your old posts to see who he is or anything? I want to donate to whatever you are doing? Is the best way to just use your donate here? (probably a dumb question). I want to come there. I will stock my suitcase with everything you need! Write me soon.
Press ON!

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