Wednesday, January 18, 2012

HBD, Olivier!

So, today I had the pleasure of celebrating a very happy birthday with Olivier, his first time ever. 

While I was busy getting the house ready,

Clever was busy getting himself ready.


I was torn between filling the house with kiddos to celebrate with him,
or just letting Olivier just have this special time for himself.
I went with the latter and I'm glad I did.

When he came in we had his candles lit and Clever and I sang Happy Birthday.
Being his sweet Olivier self, he sang along with us.
I explained to him the tradition of blowing out the candles and making a wish.
Turning 16 is just the first of many great things coming to this guy in 2012.

And then he got down to the business of gifts....
(Courtesy of New Zealand and Australia.)



And a sweet new tee!
... and catching up on some emails.
Olivier spends 2 hours per paragraph, so if you're waiting on a reply, please be patient.
Happy Birthday, Big Guy!
We ALL love you!!


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