Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Joyeux Noel

Hello lovlies!
I know many of you will be happy to hear/read that it was a very merry Christmas around here.

For the first time since 1995, each child received a gift.
Whoa. Yeah, you read that right.
Three cows provided lunch for the entire crew.
I wonder if those were also provided by the Ministry?
And Fantas (soda) all around.

Santa and her elf kicked off the morning in the baby rooms.

Bosco is the bomb. The cutest little bomb.

I would like to lie and tell you that the babies were so happy to see us; 
however, I think lying about Christmas is off limits.
Sooooo, they kinda hated us.
But we love them and they looked so sweet in their new hats.

The rattles were met with alittle (alittle) warmer reception.

Apparently, the kicker is to throw in a bib with the rattle.
And that's how you turn on the smiles.

Then it was on to the toddlers,
who were super stoked.

Boys first.

And then girls.

Moving on to the big girls.
Barbies, sewing kits, skipping ropes and coloring books....

And the big boys.
Cars and trucks, construction sets, airplanes, puzzles....

All was merry and bright at lunch.
The boys, in particular, were drunk on meat and Fanta.

After lunch, we wrapped up our gift giving bonanza with the oldest kiddos.
The boys were thrilled with hats, sunglasses, and wallets.
And for the girls it was scarves, jewelry and the likes....

Overall, it was a pretty perfect day.
It's tough work being Santa.

Shout out to Megan!
You are the real deal, darlin'!
You rock!!

Hope your Christmas was fab!


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