Monday, December 12, 2011


This girl makes me happy.
(This picture will not make her happy.)
She loves me just the way I am.
And she inspires me more than she would ever let herself believe.
Lindsay isn't a dreamer, she is a doer.
To me, she is Superwoman.

When she came into my life, I didn't even know that piece had been missing.
Yet God knew she would become my backbone.
No competition, no expectations, no ifs, ands or buts.
What you see, is what you get with Linds--and it's all love.
(And sometimes hate, but we love to hate the same things.) :)

Some of my hardest laughs and my hardest cries have been with you.
Some of my most precious memories are snuggling your babies.

Lindsay, I treasure our friendship. 
You are a true blessing in my life and I thank God for you everyday.

I know some of you are thinking, "Whoa Tara, what the sap?!".
Well, I just wanted to tell you,
I received a very timely set of packages in the mail yesterday.

And this girl knows how to love me well.
Oh. Y'all.

Maybe you're nosy and you noticed some of these are empty wrappers, so I'm just gonna go ahead and let you know that some of the empty wrappers have been removed to protect the innocent.
And I don't mean the live Innocent, because he's not getting any of it.

Missing home today.


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