Wednesday, November 30, 2011

You Whaaa?!

It was a dark and stormy night...
(You know it's gonna be a good story when it starts like that.)
Actually, it had been dark and stormy ALL day,
and ALL day rain = THIS:

Multiplied times 5647.
I promise, these suckers are the size of your arm.
And when I say arm, I mean your index finger.
Unless your index finger is small and then I just mean they are BIG.

It's rainy season here and, generally, after a good rain, you'll have a few kids outside collecting the grasshoppers in the evenings because you can sell them the following day at the market and make $1, or so.
 Apparently, there are some wack-a-doo people around here who EAT these things.
But there was something, uh, special about this night.

Like I said there were, literally, THOUSANDS of them.
And all of the kids were outside catching them in whatever they could find.

The best light to catch them is just outside our house, so the kids were eager to come and show us their spoils.

What happened next is a big blurry mess, but the next thing I know there are 50 kids COOKING 12,000 grasshoppers in our kitchen!

Oh, they were doing it up right.
They fried them in oil, they salted them up.
They even got real fancy towards the end and were chopping up onions to toss in.
That's beyond most of my cooking abilities.

Needless to say, I was devastated.
They were proud.

Even the cat got in on the action.

That's not Simba, you say?
No, Simba had babies (he's the dad) and skipped town.
Well, he lives down the road at Nicole's now.
That's a blog for another time.
I like to handle one devastating issue at a time.
And this is all I can handle today.

Oh yah, and this wack-a-doo ATE one and lived to tell about it.
It's tasted like a sunflower seed...with legs.

1 comment:

Wynne Elder said...

it's almost 3 am in texas & i've been pretty much reading every single one of your posts from this past summer. scouring your blog for pictures of Justen, and low and behold I find pictures of him eating a grasshopper! haha. oh rwanda, how i love thee.

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