Wednesday, November 30, 2011

THE Point Foundation and Friends

What up, yo!

I mean... Hi. How are you?

Three weeks ago...
Must I keep saying that or do you just know that we're running on a 3 weeks delay for now?
Ok, good...

The Point Foundation came for a visit and they are amazing!
I knew they were; they have done SO much for the orphanage and the children here, but to actually get to meet and spend time with them was wonderful.

It was a whirlwind week, the main event being the football clinic.

Coach Luke from Brighton and Hove Albion FC in England (I think he's kind of a big deal) was awesome with the kids!

Joe had worked tirelessly, prior to the Point's arrivial, preparing the field.
I think he was just as excited, if not more, than most of the kids.

the bopsy twins

Luke said repeatedly how impressed he was with the boys. 
Though they lacked training, he said they would beat any team, in their age group, back home.

The clinic offered the boys not only football skills, but confidence, teamwork and good sportsmanship.

 Coach Luke even took a little time out to work a little with the younger village children having a practice nearby.

So, I can't mention the football clinic without mentioning the translator extraordinaire.

John, in the gray, decked out in sunglasses and a Texas longhorn belt buckle the size of my face, fabulously helped Coach with whatever he needed. And in the process, adopted Luke and Ali and Will as his very best friends.

The last day of the clinic was a tournament between the 6 teams.
Because I'm so behind, can't remember all the names (the boys chose) but, to name a few:
Bieber Fever
Blessed Boys
Rainbow Sprinkles
Fluffy Unicorns....

Now, I know I have told y'all about John before, so there should be no doubt who he was cheering on.
Bieber Fever.
No, not the team. Just the namesake.
He even made a crown. Sometimes there are just no words....

And moving on.

We also had another esteemed guest here at the orphanage that week.
Johan, from Belgium.
Johan has been coming to the orphanage since the 80's and to say that the children love him is an understatement. They call him "mirire", which means food.
He cooks up a feast every time he is here.
Unfoutunately, I don't have a picture of Johan, but I do have some of one of my favorite things he made. 

Oh, amandazi, how I love you.
(They are similar to beignets)

The kids also got in on the action.


Back to the Point team.
During the clinic, the rest of the group was spread all over the orphanage.
New "nappies", new toothbrushes, new bunk beds (in the works), interview training classes, childcare classes...not to mention, some very important meetings.

And in case you think they were an army, they were. An army of 8.
Awesome. I told you.

Of course, their farewell was a fine send off. 
A celebration complete with dancing, drums, tumbling...the works.
These kiddos know how to put on a show.

So does Tim. :)

One of my favorites. The Kerr Family and Coach Luke.

Papa Charlie was a crowd favorite.

Most everyone was pulled up to dance.
I was, ahem, "busy", taking pictures.

Kim and Liesbet joining the fun.
 Even poor Joe. 
Why the long face?
Something about a cardboard box.... :)

So, that was it. In all it's glory.
I hope you had as much fun as we did.

You probably didn't. It's ok. :)

Happy Hump Day.


PS I've got a bunch more pictures from the week I'm going to get on facebook soon. You can also check out more photos and be a apart of the awesome work the Point Foundation is doing here. Do it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks for such great feedback! I think we all done equally as much good for those kids. They are such amazing human beings and can't wait to see them again.
By the way, I think Tim's the legend with his fancy footwork on the dance floor!!!! haha

Keep the pics coming and find me on FB, Luke tyler


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