Thursday, November 10, 2011

Killer Baboons...And A Few Other Cool Things

Recently, that is my new word for 3 weeks ago, Joe (from England), Joanna (from New Zealand), Abby (from my mom's neighborhood. Seriously, it met her in Rwanda and she can see my mom's house from her backyard. Crazy! Anyway.) and I took a short trip to Akagera National Park. We did a pretty legit safari half on a boat and half in a car.

Lake Ihema with Tanzania in the background.
But for me, the main event was the killer baboons at the hotel.
There were maybe about 30 in total and they were free to just run around as they pleased.
From the moment we pulled into the parking lot we saw them.
We were so surprised that they were all just hanging out, 
they came to the car and that's when the screaming began.

Y'all. Seriously.
I had told my pals ahead of time that I WILL freak out when we see the animals.
It's nervous excitement. I can't hold it in.
And you better know that I could have put my hand out the window and touched this baboon and I was screaming my head off.
Everyone was hysterically laughing and I, because I'm a dodo, kept rolling down the window and every time I did he would take 2 more steps toward the car.

(Don't you judge me by these pictures. I couldn't get photos when I was screaming.)

*Deep breath*
Moving on.

We grabbed a quick lunch and headed out for the boat ride.

Just as our boat is pulling away from the shore I see this weirdo bird and I'm feeling pretty good about it...

and I think, maybe it will be good to take a photo of the boat were riding in, but I'm rudely interrupted by Abby...


Holy moly.

Hippos are the most deadly animal in Africa.
They are enormous and strong, but they kill because they are afraid.

One bite will chop you in half.
See? You might have been screaming, too.

Boo boo baby.
We ended up seeing a ton of hippos. No pun intended.
And there were cool birds everywhere.

I'll just show you a few photos, because I don't like to look at photos of birds either.

What we didn't see many of were crocodiles. 
We saw one big lady on land, but she ran too quickly into the water to get a pic and then we saw this dude, but that was it.

The next morning we woke up at dark:30 to go on the land portion of the trip.

We had a pretty sweet jeep and we were able to stand up and take some pretty sweet pictures.
I'm just going to let them speak for themselves.



I love the warthogs...

mostly when they are running.

Billy Pope, this one's for you.

He's a killer. You can see it in his eyes.


This was my favorite part.

Water buffalo.

And I guess that's about wraps it up.

I'm sorry I'm sucking it up at this blogging business.
I promise I'm going to try to write with more regularity...Mom.

Talk at you soon, 



Nicole said...

WOW! I am dying to go on a Safari, that is SO cool! Thanks for sharing!

Dedra said...

Awwwww, this totally reminds me of our Safari in South Africa. )

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