Friday, November 11, 2011


In honor of 11.eleven.11 I thought I would:
 Tell you 11 things I haven't told you.
Show you 11 of my favorite photos.
Tell you 11 things I miss the most.
(and I'm going to try and not make all of them about food.)

Here goes nothing...

I still eat cornflakes for breakfast every morning.
I wake up bright and early around 9am.
I have big dreams that I scared to act on.
Mascara and a curling iron every now and then remind me that I am still a girl.
I try not to talk negatively on here, but life is tough sometimes.
I eat pasta 5 nights a week.
I still meet new kids here everyday.
I have always been cheap, but in Rwanda I am CHEAP.
(Things are more expensive here than you'd think.)
Women think it's a compliment to tell you "you are BIG." It hurts my feelings.
Jesus Calling, my daily devotional, speaks to my heart
I'm addicted to Pinterest and I'm not afraid to admit it.

These kids live in a neighboring village and remind me that our kids could have it worse.

So precious.

Home sweet home.

Celebrating Children's Day at the church. 

The Girl In The Blue Dress made an appearance. My sweet angel.

That's my little guy facing the camera. So proud of him.

Simon says, "you're out buddy."

Sweet Kenny.


AWE-some soccer clinic.


I miss food so much.
I miss the madre.
I miss sitting face to face and chatting with my besties.
I miss my church.
I miss my car. 
I miss going out to eat.
I miss fast food.
I miss frozen chicken brests.
I miss Grandy's.
I miss candy.
I miss On-Cue.

Happy 11/11/11.


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