Monday, October 10, 2011

Tea for Two and Two for Tea...

tea for you and tea for me.

Recently, I took my second tour of the Pfunda Tea Company. (The first time I forget my camera.) 
The factory is pretty legit, so I thought I'd share. 
We were actually there about a month ago, so please forgive all the technical terms I'm (not) about to use.

I'm pretty sure they have 200 acres of tea. I think that's alot...

Once the tea is picked, first up, is the withering process.

The withering process can take up to 6 hours and then the tea is bagged and weighed and put into the cutting machines. 

Once the tea has been cut, it moves down the line to ferment.

Meet Gershom, our guide. He is also the keyboardist for the most awesomely bad 80's band you've ever heard. They play Saturday nights at a local hotel.

This conveyer belt moves at a snails pace. It's takes two hours from beginning to end and as the tea ferments it begins to turn brown in color.

After fermenting, the tea is then loaded into the dryers.

The tea is heated to 180 degrees.
And then is ready to be sorted into grades.

This sifter sorts the tea into five different grades. The finest grains being the strongest tea.


Annnnnd, tasting.

I'm no tea connoisseur.
Actually, I don't drink tea, but this is good tea.
So I hear. :)


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