Friday, October 28, 2011


My goodness.
Could someone, please, hit the pause button?
Time is FLYING and I can't keep up.

No pause button? 
Ok, well, let's rewind...about 2 weeks.

I'm not going to lie and say that Catholic mass in Kinyarwanda is one of my favorite things, 
because it's not,
but I go.

On this Sunday, however, was a special mass because we were going into Gisenyi.

We recently had a group from a church there come to visit the orphanage.
They sing songs and put on plays and the kids love it.
Before they left, they invited us to come visit them at their church.
So, Joanna, Kim and I grabbed a few of our favs (Innocent, Alain, John and Oliver) and headed down.

After mass, the choir invited us back to their community center, where they, again, sang a few songs and did a few little skits.

But then.....

A dance party broke out.

A few quick things before you watch:

John is in a long sleeve white tee with red pants and black scarf.
And, yes, we taught him the YMCA. He's proud.

Alain is in a blue plaid shirt with gray shorts and mad dance skills. Alain is a Texas fan. :)

For some reason I don't have good pics of Oliver and Innocent, but...
Oliver is also in a long sleeve white tee with blue sweat pants.
Innocent is in a black short sleeve tee over and long sleeve white tee with khaki shorts.
He's the cutest one. :)

If this video doesn't make you smile, I don't know if we can be friends.

Next up on the Sunday Funday agenda...
the beach.

Um, yeah. 
They were kind of excited.

I'm not sure where or when the boys learn to swim, but
Innocent and Alain are fish.

John and Oliver...not so much.

Oliver, not too sure about the "deep" water...

tore it up at knee deep.

John, crashed by the waves, could hardly remain standing in ankle deep water.
If I told you that John LOVES Justin Bieber and paints his toenails with pink sparkles, would that help you to imagine his shrieking? :)
There aren't more photos because I was dying laughing. 

Kim joined in the fun and gave the boys a little confidence boost.

Sometimes I think I love these boys more than even I can fully understand.

And when everyone had worked up a big, fat appetite, we were off to lunch.

Wonder what we were eating?
It's a typical Rwandan buffet; beans, rice, plantains, green beans, french fries, noodles and salad.
If you don't get meat, it costs just under $2.
You can only go through the line once,
but the boys make sure they get their money's worth.

And they eat every bite.

Sometimes you have days when you feel like you are giving all you have.
And then you have days when you get it all back. Times ten.


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