Friday, August 5, 2011

10 (More) Things I Haven't Told You

Here is my lame attempt to bring you up to speed on the last two-ish weeks.

1. Innocent and I are BFF. I realize I haven't really even mentioned him. It's been hard... and wonderful and it gets more wonderful everyday. On a good day, he tells me he loves me and sweetly whispers that he is my baby. We would appreciate your prayers.

In his school uniform. He is growing up fast.
2. The older girls are constantly asking me to sing for them. I would have to say it's not because I am vocally talented, but maybe because I have the uncanny ability to sing, at least, the chorus of almost any song. Some of their favorites are Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Jordan Sparks, Jay Sean, Akon and Justin Bieber. One of the girls told Jackie, "If we could sing like Tella, we wouldn't have to go to school." I'm sorry, what?! 

Sweet Noella often asks me to write down the lyrics to her favorite songs.
3. Speaking of Justin Bieber, the kids LOVE him. Boys and girls. Young and old. The His Chase team brought us the Never Say Never DVD and we watch it every. single. day. Sometimes more than once. We have started having movie night, on my laptop, and they won't watch anything else. I'm not going to lie, I have the Fever.

4. I got to drive in Kigali. Oh snap! Driving fast, honking, tailgating, just another reason I was born to be a Rwandan. 

5. I think someone told Mom we (Americans) don't eat as much as them (Rwandans) in one sitting. Patrick says Americans eat small portions all day and Rwandans magically expand their bellies to the size of a house to only eat three meals a day. (added drama mine) I have been able to choose my own portion size for a couple of weeks now. Hallelujah!

6. The orphanage is now officially my home. The last two times I have stayed at a hotel in Kigali, all I wanted was to be back in my bed.

7. There is a killer owl, living in the overhang, just over my back patio. I have never seen him, but his breathing is heavier than a 500 lb man. Occasionally he screams and I hide under the bed don't know why. I've been asking around for a sling shot...or a gun. I know Patrick is holding out on me...

8. Megan left last night to go back to England. It's amazing how you grow so close so quickly here. She is coming back in December. I can't wait!

9. We got to attend Jane's church last weekend. Holy. Moly. I will be going back soon and will devote and entire post to it. Ahh-maz-ing. Oh, and Jane is pregnant with #5! :)

10. Mark and Chelsea Jacobs are my heros, but I think I have told you that. More on them and all their work coming up soon.

Whew! Life is happening.

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